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« Cuisine New Zone decided to hire the Jo Louis agency due to its reputation for excellence, to

handle our new media strategy.

We are very pleased with the new multi platform strategy proposed by Jo Louis! This media “shift” has increased our business dramatically and enabled us to reposition Cuisine New Zone as the refacing leaders in Quebec.

Johanne, Lisa and Louis were responsive to our needs and business objectives and were able to propose fresh and effective initiatives.

Cuisine New Zone is proud to be working with Jo Louis. » Jean Sirois, President – Cuisine New Zone

« Jo Louis really maximized our marketing budget and brilliantly selected the media that were best for our brand. We’ve had a huge response from our retailers and the credibility of our brand is well established. I love their concept and would never go back to an agency that would take money out of my marketing budget to pay itself! »

Carine Villeneuve, Vice-President – QSD

« My experience with Jo Louis quickly became more than just a business relationship. They’re a small and efficient team, very professional and likeable! Jo Louis is definitely a business partner who works to promote my business and is helping to make it grow. »

Claude Coudry, President – Oasis Surf

« I’ve been working with Johanne and Louis since 2014. In the beginning, it was a test period to understand the dynamics of working with an agency, but we quickly became allies. Jo Louis is now essential to me. I no longer have to rack my brains; they do the work for me. It allows me to focus on other projects and have peace of mind. I can’t say enough about their determination to find the best solutions for me! »

Mélanie L-Guérin, Vice-President, Marketing and Communications – SkyVenture Montréal

« On behalf of UCM, I would like to thank Louis and Lisa for your consistent professionalism, your expertise and the special attention you’ve given to all our needs, large or small. We are truly delighted with this fruitful collaboration and we hope it will last a long time. »

Simon Pierre, President – Unik Credit Management

« Jo Louis is an amazing partner. As a result of this partnership, ESKA is now the NUMBER ONE bottled water brand in Quebec! We couldn’t have done it without the agency’s creativity, wise decisions and sound advice.

Thank you, Jo Louis! »
Yvan Normandeau, President – Clark Drouin Lefebvre Inc.